John Soumilas discusses Invasion of Privacy

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Video Transcript

Our firm has been relentless in protecting the privacy rights of individual consumers for over 20 years. In a world dominated by data giants like Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook, privacy rights are supposed to be protected by a complex web of state and federal laws and regulations. However, the right of consumers to control their financial data, personal history, location, internet searches, photos and other private information is increasingly in peril.

The federal Fair Credit Reporting Act or “FCRA” is one of the strongest laws that protects privacy rights in the United Sates and one of our main areas of concentration. The FCRA prohibits unlawful access to private financial and other information without a permissible purpose. It can be used to recover statutory, actual, and punitive damages against privacy-violators. It also requires violators to pay for the consumer’s attorney’s fees and costs in any successful action to establish a violation of the statute.