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How to Dispute Credit Report Errors in Writing

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If your credit report has errors, it is important that you dispute them right away. Credit report errors can be very costly, in the form of higher interest rates, higher insurance premiums, loan denial, promotion or job loss, or housing denial. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, credit reporting agencies must make sure that all information that they report is accurate. Unfortunately, credit report errors are very common.

You have the right to dispute credit report errors and sue credit reporting agencies for damages.

Most credit reporting agencies (CRAs) have a disputes area on their websites, or they will send you a form with your credit report. If you do not have a credit correction form, or cannot locate a dispute submission area online, you can dispute credit report errors in writing.

How to Write a Credit Report Dispute Letter

Use our online dispute letter builder to craft your credit dispute letter now. Enter your information and once you click create letter, it will generate a letter that you can print and send to the credit bureaus.
Or you can use the sample dispute letter below as a template and then handwrite or type the letter.

Remember to always keep a copy of each letter you send.

How Long Does it Take a Credit Dispute Letter to Fix My Credit Report?

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), the CRAs have 30 days to look into the errors and correct any mistakes they made on your credit report.

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Sample Credit Report Dispute Letter


Your name
Your address
Your city, state, zip code

Name of CRA [Equifax, Experian, Trans Union]
City, state, zip code

Dear Sir or Madam:

After reviewing my credit report, I am writing to dispute the following inaccurate information. I am listing each item along with the way it should be corrected:

[Account name]  [Account number]  [How it should report / Why it’s inaccurate*]

[Account name]  [Account number]  [How it should report / Why it’s inaccurate*]

[Account name]  [Account number]  [How it should report / Why it’s inaccurate*]

Supporting documents have been enclosed. Pursuant to the FCRA, please forward them to the credit furnishers. If you are not going to forward them, please inform me so I may do so myself.


(sign here)

Your name
Your Social Security Number
Your Date of Birth

Enclosures: (list what you are enclosing – examples: police report, fraud affidavit, proof of payment, etc)

*Note: The more detailed and specific information you can give to describe the reason it’s inaccurate, the better. You should also list any/all inaccurate personal information and inquiries.

You may send a dispute letter to each Credit Reporting Agency from whom you have ordered, received, and reviewed, a copy of your report if you think there are errors or wrong information. The addresses for dispute letters to the big 3 CRA’s are:


TransUnion Consumer Solutions
P.O. Box 2000
Chester, PA 19016-2000
(800) 916-8800


Equifax Information Services, LLC
P.O. Box 740256
Atlanta, GA 30374-0256
(866) 349-5191


Experian Nat’l Consumer Assistance Center
P.O. Box 4500
Allen, TX 75013
(888) 397-3742

Get Help From Our Consumer Protection Lawyers

If any of the following have happened due to errors on your report, you may have a case and be able to sue in Federal Court:

  • Your credit report dispute has gone unanswered or ignored
  • The same error continues to be reported
  • You were denied a loan
  • You were denied credit
  • You were unable to rent an apartment or house
  • You lost a job, denied employment or a promotion

The consumer protection attorneys at Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C. understand how frustrating and damaging errors on your credit report can be. That’s why we have been fighting for consumers like you for over 20 years against inaccurate credit reporting. Get a free case review, and if you have a case there is no out-of-pocket cost to you.

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