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Client Testimonials

What Clients Are Saying About Working With The Consumer Protection Lawyers at Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C.

Very professional and detailed lawyers. I would recommend anyone to this office. They got right on my case with no hesitation. Thank you for all your help.

Barbara W.

Very nice to work with

Florence P.

I want to share my experience with FMS. After having issues accessing my Transunion report for over a year, I reached out to the law firm. After a lengthy phone conversation with Geoffrey Baskerville they took on my case. My case was filed in federal court in December. Throughout the process I was kept informed by my paralegal Kim and my attorney. They truly worked hard at getting results. From start to finish in under a year, first my TU report was unlocked. Then they began negotiations on a settlement figure. Now, some attorneys will just try and settle for their fees and a small amount for their client. Geoffrey went above and beyond, knowing the target number I was looking to walk away with. He was able to obtain a substantial settlement for me even after the lawyers fees were paid. They were professional, hard working and overcame many of TU issues. At the end of the day I am highly pleased with their representation, and highly recommend anyone in need of an attorney regarding credit report issues/ errors to reach out to them and it was a pleasure to be represented by them.

Michael B.

They are the best. They care about their clients and they are like having guardian angels. They helped me so much and I will forever be grateful.

Antonio C.

Siobhán has been great throughout the case, keeping me up to date on everything. It has been a pleasure working with her and your law firm. If I need anything like this case in the future I will be sure to contact y’all again.

Jay M.

5 Stars!

Chris H.

I am truly grateful and appreciative with the help and services that was provided and in a prompt timely manner, Thank you.

AnJaneen R.

I would highly recommend this Law firm! They achieved the goal in the amount of time stated it would be accomplished! Very professional and personable at the same time! It feels good to have an astute, seasoned Attorney working on your behalf! They did a.great job!

Jen M.

I had a fantastic experience with them. They stayed in contact and resolved my settlement with little effort on my end. I’d definitely recommend their services!

Ashley A.

Great Company. They will work hard to get you the results you need.

Charles B.

John – I recently listened to your oral argument in the RealPage case, and, I was blown away by your presentation. Thank you for your great skill and knowledge in representing me and the class!


Very professional & effective I appreciate everything this Law Firm has done for me.

Jessica C.

I had the unfortunate happen to me when applying for a job, and I reached out to this F.M.S. Throughout the whole process Mr. Baskerville has been very helpful and understanding. He made sure to answer and questions or concerns I had. The Paralegal Kimberly was especially helpful in communication and following up with me throughout the process. They both handled my case professionally in best way possible. I highly recommend anyone to reach out to F.M.S for your legal needs!

Craig D.

I am very pleased with my outcome and my representation. I’m a firm believer in not being litigious but when there are clear wrongs that companies refuse to correct someone has to keep them in check. My case was straight forward. My attorney was straight forward as well. No false promises, no bs, no anything but the facts and the expected outcome. I was asked what I wanted, what my goal was and once stated he told me what could be done. I highly recommend the firm if anyone has been wronged by these so called ‘background’ check companies. Data warehouses of internet scraped data about a person is NOT a background check. These companies are sully the names of millions of good people. Geoffrey was outstanding and I felt reassured the entire time.

A B.

Their so awesome they helped me out during one of my lowest times. They helped me get back to work plus more.

Antonio S.

Working with Nicole was a pleasure she got me way more than was expected and made the whole process super easy.

Grim S.

I had an issue with a background check reporting company. Francis mailman’s Attorney Mr. Joe Gentlecore and senior paralegal Dania Reed were absolutely amazing! They were a great support team in a tough time. The day Mr.Joe Gentlecore took over my case it was settled in a couple of weeks. I would highly recommend Francis mailman soumilas, Joe Gentelcore and Dania Reed. Thank you so much!!

Qasim K.

Very professional and competent group.
Something rarely found nowadays.

William R.

Francis Mailman and staff was absolutely amazing from beginning to end. They kept me informed every step of the way. Not to mention they took my case when no one else would. I highly recommend this amazing team of people.

Jermaine C.

I had an issue with an inaccurate background check. Attorney Baskerville was willing to take on this case with no risk to me and got an outcome far better than I expected. I’m extremely grateful for their work and would recommend it to anyone who unfortunately finds themselves in a similar situation.

William W.

This firm kept me updated whenever I asked and got me a fair settlement for my issue. I was pleased with the outcome and would recommend them.

Cheri L.

I received the best service one could ever hope for. I am grateful to Francis Mailman Soumilas for handling my case which turned out positively in my favour. I highly recommend this law firm.

Pauline O.

I experienced an identity crisis that resulted in my life being turned upside down. I was facing a eviction and loss my job. I knew I needed a lawyer but couldn’t afford one but God sent me to the right one finally the case is closed, I received closure and relief thanks so much to my lawyer Joseph

Jasmine J.

Joe and team are AMAZING!!! They handled all my legal needs in a timely manner and took exceptional care of me at a time when I was doubting the most. They will fight for you and get the job done! Thanks again for everything!

Ebonee C.

I just finished my case with this law group they were amazing and were nothing but professional. I was updated along the entire process, they are highly recommended. I couldn’t have asked for a better legal team on my credit discrepancy matter. Joseph thank you, team was amazing in my matter.

David C.

They deserve 10+ Stars because this law firm is professional, knowledgeable, and Top Notch attorneys that get the job done. They are caring, understanding and they get results for their client. I applied for a job position and unfortunately because something was reported falsely, it prevented me from starting my job, it was embarrassing and very upsetting because I was being accused of something I had not done and they were saying I was found guilty. That would be the company that did my background check. Then a miracle came about , I came upon the phone # for Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C. and made the call, immediately I spoke with Nicole Dobson who was so nice and understanding and she listened and she said let me speak to one of the attorneys. The next day, I heard from the attorney, Geoffrey Baskerville who was extremely interested on taking on my case. He was professional, outgoing, very knowledgeable and most of all he cared! They started on my case and they got the job done and a settlement way above what I was thinking I would get. They are the best of the best!! 100% Guaranteed… You can trust that they will get the job done…

Sheila G.

I went through a really rough time with my background having a discrepancy and I got in touch with this law firm & they have been nothing but amazing… thank you so much, Geoffrey Baskerville, I appreciate your hard work

Kay J.

Simply outstanding from start to finish! The lawyer, Geoffrey Baskerville was very professional and good at what he does. Also his paralegal assistant Nicole was amazing. I was compensated for more than what we expected in the end result. Thank you Mr Baskerville for seeing me through this. Do not hesitate to go to Francis Mailman Soumilas law firm for any credit/fraud needs.

Shannon W.

I have had difficulties with my Equifax report being completely blocked, I could not solve this issue on my own. I contacted this firm and they did a wonderful job at representing me and also getting me a fair amount of money that I didn’t expect. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing assistance.


They are thorough and really work hard for their clients. They get back to you in a timely manner and they explain in Detail the process. ALEX was wonderful in explaining what would happen. Thank you so much. It is needed and appreciated.


I discovered by accident that two of the three major credit reporting companies showed me as deceased. I engaged the services of Francis & Mailman, P.C. to get my reports corrected. My credit reports are mow completely correct, the reporting companies paid the legal fees, and I received a cash settlement from both companies. I can wholeheartedly recommend Francis & Mailman if you find errors on our credit reports.


Amazing bunch of hard working professionals for you. I highly recommend this law firm. Alexis and Dania have been outstanding with my dealings. Couldn’t be happier. Thanks a million again!
I was reported as deceased and not only did alexis have the 3 credit bureaus correct my report she obtained a nice settlement for me as well. very happy with the way they handled my situation. I highly recommend alexis as she is a pit bull!


I would like to say thank you to Alexis and Diane Reed . Lawyer& Attorneys. Who worked awesome job . I can’t thank enough what They had done for my credit report fraud in the past year. Trust me They really are !!!!

Kim Le C.

Wow I don’t even know where to start. About 3 years ago I thought I had good credit but came to find out the credit agencies mixed my files with a man name’s similar to mine. Therefor; I could not qualify for anything. I googled Experian dispute phone number and was routed to Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C. law firm. I explained to Christina Roth my situation and she explained the law firm sues the credit agencies due to these situations. I actually trusted them. It took time and patience but not only did they get me a small settlement but my credit is completely restored. I did not have to pay anything and they worked a miracle!!! Thank you to my [counsel] and the best Christina Roth!!!

Alec B.

I had a problem with a credit bureau that I did not think I had a valid case against but Joe Gentilcore and Daynette Driver took my case and within 5 months it was settled and I received a check for all the trouble I went through. I would not hesitate at all to use the law firm of Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C., PC in the future.

John S.

I would like to give a huge THANKS to this law firm. I contacted them due to a creditor constantly calling me for a bill I had already paid. After months of this nonsense, I googled an attorney to find out what my rights were. Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C. accepted my case with no retainer needed. They successfully won my case. I would like to acknowledge Alex and Dania who I had contact with. They were professional and always answered my concerns. I am beyond pleased with this firm.

Ann S.

Francis & Mailman did just what they said they would do. They got the negative item removed from my credit report. I would recommend them to any consumer who needs help.

Diane H.

i would just like to thank the staff at francis & mailman for doing a fantastic job fixing my credit reports and getting me a settelment wow i was shocked. also a special thanks to mr.baskerville and nicole dodson great job.i would recomend this firm to anybody with credit report problems. thanks again from ronald hines

Ronald H.

I just wanted to take a minute and let your company know how grateful I am to two ladies. Alexis Lehman and Dania Reed. I recently moved to Louisiana and had to start everything over. Long story short- I tried to open a checking account at a local bank and found out that one of my credit bureaus had me listed as deceased therefore I was denied several things. Knowing nothing about how to fix this after making several attempts on my own these ladies took the bull by the horn and I no longer have any worries. They are amazing ! Very true to their word, professional and friendly. These days that honesty matters. I just want them to know they are HIGHLY recommended and I’m extremely appreciative of their efforts. I sincerely thank you

Christy B.

I had identity theft approx. 3 years ago. Once I realized what had happened I got to work. Someone bought 2 cars and opened about 6 other credit accounts under my name. I did what I could to get it resolved with a police report and many phone calls to all the credit bureaus etc. So after a year most released the accounts declaring them fraudulent. BUT Equifax and 2 other accounts would not clear my name. After feeling so frustrated and being treated like the criminal , not the victim I called Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C. . Christina Roth and Joseph Gentilcore were so professional and just went to work right away reviewing my case. They did an amazing job to get Equifax to release the negative credit along with the other accounts PLUS got me a wonderful settlement. I thank them for restoring my credit and the unexpected settlement. I would RECOMMEND Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C. 100% if you have any issues with your credit

Sheila B.

About a year ago I came to realize that the major credit reporting agencies had been listing several errors of fact, one of which was not easily resolvable by myself. I found Francis & Mailman while looking up the websites of these reporting agencies, finally calling when I realized I needed assistance. Geoffrey Baskerville, along with his paralegal Nicole Dodson, was put in charge of my case.

Everything about the mechanisms in place to correct my credit reports was explained clearly, I was kept current as the case moved forward, and Mr Baskerville worked around a personal issue that was always in the background.

The agencies have corrected their reports to reflect my actual circumstances, and, a bonus, I received a small sum that I never really expected at the start of this.

I would definitely recommend Francis & Mailman in general, and Geoffrey Baskerville, in particular, to anyone needing help against the credit reporting agencies.

Lawrence F.

Amazing bunch of hard working professionals for you. I highly recommend this law firm. Alexis and Dania have been outstanding with my dealings. Couldn’t be happier. Thanks a million again!

Albert M.

I am taking this opportunity to express my gratitude to Alexis Lehmann of Francis & Mailman, PC. Her dedicated diligence to my case delivered just compensation for which I am forever grateful. I highly recommend Francis & Mailman, PC for any type of crediting problems you may be experiencing.

Linda K.

Attorney Jeffrey Baskerville and Paralegal Faina Bhagat were an awesome legal team for my consumer affairs case! I enjoyed the professional and caring attitude they brought to the handling of my case! I was very pleased with the results of the case and how they brought me justice to stop the big 3 credit bureaus and collection agency from posting a collection that was not even legitimate!
Thanks again Jeffrey and Faina and I appreciate your hard work and commitment to seeking justice and your passion for the Law!

Michael H.

Once again all I can say is thank you to Francis & Mailman, PC for all of their hard work on solving the discrepancies I’ve had with the credit reporting agencies, I made numerous attempts to correct this on my own with no cooperation at all from Equifax, Transunion, and Experian, once I contacted Francis & Mailman they took all my information and immediately went to work on my case, I had no idea what the outcome of my case would be, but I will tell you this, it was far more than I ever expected and I’m so thankful that this Law Firm cares about the everyday people in this world, i want to say a special thank you to Ms Alexis Lehmann and to Ms Dania Richardson for their commitment to me and the problems I was having, these two ladies completely and 100% solved all of my issues and I’m so thankful for their concern to helping others, have a great day you two, God bless

Bobby W.

For a few years, I had struggled with a negative (and incorrect) item on all my credit reports that I could not resolve. I went to the credit card companies, then to the bureaus, and even the CFPB, and could not get help. I knew in my gut something wasn’t right. I found Francis & Mailman simply by doing a Google search. The attorney listened to me, and agreed with me, and then went to work. She took on my case Erin Brockovich style (This means there was no cost out of my pocket. If the case is won, then the attorney takes their fee which we negotiated up front and I receive the rest from a settlement. If the case is lost, then the attorney is out their fees and I owe them nothing.)

It took over 1.5 years to resolve my case and the firm was successful with my case. The results were better than I expected. Beyond a monetary settlement, the biggest win for me was that the negative item that caused me lots of damage is no longer on my reports. These attorneys did right by me, however, just note this is an exercise in patience. The legal process is slow.

Ultimately, I’d recommend this firm to anyone who asked.

Adam H.


I want to thank you for taking and handling my case.

You are awesome!! If I need assistance in the future, I know who to call.


Antenet S.

Oh wow, that is great, thank you Ms Lehmann for all your hard work on my behalf, I really really appreciate you and everything y’all have done, and yes ma’am I think that is very fair settlement, again I say thank you

Robert W.

Thank-you for not giving up on me.

Joe C.

Thank you for all your help these past months. I truly appreciate it.

Ms. N

Thank you Counselor. Your office has  been very professional, courteous, and thoughtful.

Larry B.

Thank you for the great work you did for me! Helping me fix errors that ultimately let me get into a house — which was my goal.

Adam H.

I just wanna let you know we did receive the check and I really thank you for all your help on that and everything and appreciate it very very much.

Everette H.

Hope you are well! I closed on my house and wanted to thank you. You helped me get a better interest rate by fixing the BOFA issue, and the money helped me with a down payment (the settlement was higher than I expected).

And thank you!!!!

Adam H.

After getting rejected for various jobs due to my background I was down. However, after getting the Pre Adverse Letters I immediately knew something was wrong.

Everyday we see advertising about law firms in tv and social media. When I came across the page of Francis, Maiilman on Facebook I didn’t know if they could help me because I was in Florida.

From my first conversation with thier Paralegal I knew I had made the correct choice. Communication is a very important part of relations between lawyers and thier clients.

My communication has been great and all they promised was to try thier best. That was enough for me.

Our expectations were exceeded when Attorney Alexis emailed and called me to inform me that we were offered NOT 1 but TWO financial settlements.

I had to let it sink in first because this was not what we expected. I can’t say enough about this firm. Thier personal touch, willingness to help those who some in society dont value, tenacity, and assertiveness are priceless.

I would recommend this firm to anyone who thinks there are issues with thier background check and Pre Adverse Letters. Please give them a call or send an email.

They went above and beyond for my family On top of everything I got offered a job also.

Thanks Alexis and everyone at Francis Mailman.

Ralph H.

Mr Baskerville and Nicole were absolutely amazing! They really helped me through a pretty bad experience. They were thorough, reassuring, and Nicole was especially comforting and positive through the whole thing. The entire process was explained in great detail, so I was very comfortable that i was in good hands and I was extremely happy with the outcome. Thank you so much!

Kim C.

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