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Twin siblings looking upset at a mixed credit file on a computer

Dealing with Mistaken Identity: Twin Siblings and Mixed Credit Files and Background Checks

Discovering errors on your credit report or background check can be a headache-inducing experience. Imagine the added complexity when the inaccuracies involve your twin sibling’s information. While sharing a birthday and perhaps a striking resemblance can be fun, it can also lead to mixed files that impact your financial and personal records. So, here’s a

how to handle a mixed credit file

How to Handle a Mixed Credit File

You have diligently managed your finances, striving for a pristine credit record, only to find derogatory accounts appearing on your credit reports. This unsettling scenario is a reality for many consumers and usually happens when applying for credit or an apartment. At first, many people think that this is due to identity theft. Most often,

Upset woman trying to dispute unauthorized hard inquiries on her credit report

What to do About Unauthorized Credit Inquiries

While trying to get a loan, you discover a credit inquiry you don’t recognize—a mysterious mark on your credit history that raises more questions than answers. What should you do? Here’s what you should know about unauthorized credit inquiries. What is an Unauthorized Credit Inquiry An unauthorized credit inquiry is a credit check conducted without

Landlords Using Facial Recognition for Tenant Screening

The Pros and Cons of Using Facial Recognition for Tenant Screening

From unlocking smartphones to airport security, the convenience and efficiency of facial recognition technology is undeniable. However, as this technology finds its way into various sectors, including tenant screening, questions arise about its reliability and potential for bias. Facial Recognition Technology in the Housing Market In the housing market, tenant screening plays a crucial role

Getting. the apartment after suing the rental background check company

Taking Action: A Story of an Outdated Eviction Record, Apartment Denied, and Filing a Lawsuit

Imagine the excitement of finding the perfect apartment that fits your lifestyle like a glove. You submit your application, anticipating the life you’ll build there, only to be rejected because of inaccurate rental history on your background check. This disappointment is the reality for many consumers. With a story about losing out on a dream

Credit and Consumer Reporting Challenges for Transgender Individuals

Transgender Individuals and Consumer Reporting Challenges

Mistakes in consumer reports can seriously affect a person’s financial situation. Unfortunately, these errors can be more challenging for transgender individuals to deal with. Consumer reporting mistakes can cause financial problems. Errors on credit reports can result in being rejected for loans or housing or paying higher interest rates. Consumer Reporting Issues for Transgender Individuals

New FCRA Rule For Human Trafficking Survivors

How the FCRA Human Trafficking Rule Can Help Victims Regain Control Over Their Finances

Human trafficking is a heinous crime that involves exploiting individuals for labor, sex, or other purposes. Victims of human trafficking often suffer from physical, emotional, and financial abuse from their traffickers. Human traffickers frequently steal their victims’ identities and credit information. This can make it challenging for trafficking survivors to access financial services, housing, education,


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