How Long Does It Take to Fix Credit Report Errors?

Video Transcription

Hi everyone this is John Soumilas. Today, I’m addressing another frequently asked question. Which is “How long will it take for my background report or credit report to be corrected?”

The answer is usually in 30 to 60 days after we bring suit, we see companies taking action to correct errors on background reports that have cost people jobs or apartments, or credit reports that have caused our clients to be denied loans or other credit.

It usually takes about 30 to 60 days to effectuate proper process of a lawsuit and to get the company that made the error to hire a lawyer and to have to respond to our allegations about what the error was, what damage was caused, and what specific provisions of law were violated.

And when we’re dealing with lawyers on the other side that’s very different than you having to deal with an automated system or a customer service agent that just doesn’t have the power or authority to correct the error or perhaps that made error in the first place.

Also, these company lawyers, in my experience, recognize that unless the error is corrected and corrected promptly the damages would just keep on piling up in a lawsuit because the consumer could be denied another loan or another job or apartment.

So although the wheels of justice move slow as the expression goes. In the area of getting your background report or credit report corrected they move rather fast.

Now this is not the end of your case and we will continue to fight on your behalf to get you full compensation and to hold the company accountable. But you should see real progress relatively early on in a lawsuit involving inaccurate information on a background report or credit report.

Thank you and take care.