Target Data Breach Case Settled for $10 Million

Our technology is progressing, that’s for sure. And with increased technological possibilities, unfortunately, comes hackers and scammers conjuring up new ways to cheat and hack systems and the innocent public. We see examples of this popping up on the news every day- whether it be a gas station pump skimmer, robocalls and spam emails, or even incidents so big that it affects millions of people throughout the nation- such as the Home Depot data breach last year.

One such huge breach occurred during the chaotic holiday season in late 2013 to the widely popular company; Target. In this breach, a massive amount of data was stolen from approximately 40 million customers. This information included phone numbers, names, email addresses, and credit/debit information. For someone that frequently shops at Target (as many of us do), this is extremely scary. Target has since made more secure measures in their data processing and has now settled for $10 million for those customers that were affected.

How to Trust that your Credit Info is Safe in Today’s World

How can we trust that our information is safe and even further, that our identities are not being stolen every time we go out for a simple grocery trip? The truth is we can’t, no matter what precautions we take, there are still ways that these fraudsters can take our information. We can only count on ourselves to check up on our credit history and scores to ensure that our credit information was not stolen. If you are ever in this situation, you should contact an attorney right away. A lawyer knows the proper channels to take to clear your name and clean up your credit report.