Dealing with Debt Collectors

A few months ago, I brought my oldest daughter for an x-ray to have her sinuses checked. The process went smoothly and I paid my copay and went on with my day. A month or so went by and I received a letter in the mail from the lab company stating that I owed quite a bit for our visit. There was no mention of my insurance directly on the bill, so I assumed all was taken care of as I have seen medical bills like this in the past.

Another month past and I received another letter saying I had been sent to collections. (Apparently they noted that this was the fourth time that they had tried to contact me, despite me not realizing that). I then contacted my insurance and found out that I did owe the company some money after all, to which promptly called and paid the remainder of my bill.

This is when the calls began.  I had already paid off my debt but the collectors still called.  They did not show record of me paying my bill, so began the unnecessary harassment. The collection company was merely a 3rd party hired by the lab company and we’re very difficult to deal with.

Did you know that by obtaining a lawyer, the debt collection companies can no longer contact you directly? I found this out so I hired a lawyer immediately. Getting an attorney on my side was the best decision I could have made.  They knew the channels to go through to stop the calls and get the information they needed to clear my name.

With my busy and hectic life as a working mom, I neither had the time nor the mental energy to deal with these intolerable debt collectors. Contact a lawyer today to stop the debt collection calls.