Huge Settlement Issued for Harassing Debt Collection Practices – $83 Million

A recent case against a debt buyer was decided by a Missouri jury, awarding the a Kansas City woman almost $83 million. The offending company was Portfolio Recovery Associates, which was accused of harassing this woman for 15 months. The company was charged with violating the Fair Debt Collections Act. This violation cost the company $250,000. The additional awarded amount took care of punitive damages.

This case stemmed from Portfolio Recovery suing this woman for a $1,000 debt that was not hers. The debt belonged to a man in another state with a similar name.

Unfortunately, debt collectors make this mistake far too often. If you are being contacted about a debt that you are unaware of, be sure to get proof first. You can always contact a consumer rights lawyer as well to go over your case.

Read more about this case here.

Contact our team at Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C. if a debt collector is contacting you about a debt that is not yours. Take care of this now before it drags out for months and months. You could be owed money for this mistake and any harassment you endure. Call our team today.