I Found a Credit Report Error – Now What?

You’ve kept a close eye on your credit score. You’ve kept up on your annual credit reports at www.annualcreditreport.com. But you recently found a mistake listed on your credit report. This error has resulted in issues in many aspects of your life. Your car loan was denied, your upcoming promotion at the bank revoked, your credit card rates increased.

The above, of course, is just an example of what could happen if your credit report has certain errors. So the question is, how do you get errors removed from your credit report to repair your credit and improve your financial health?

The easiest route is contacting a lawyer that understands the proper procedures to go through to fix errors on your credit report. You can contact the team at Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C. today to talk about the mistakes you are seeing and can Get a Free Case Review Today.

To take things into your own hands, you will need to contact both the credit bureaus and the organizations that provided the false information to the bureaus.

Contact the Bureau

Write out a clear and concise statement of the particular errors and evidence proving the mistakes. Also include a copy of the credit report, circling the dispute. Request for a timely deletion or correction. If the bureau finds that the request be granted, your report should be cleared within 30 days.

Contact the Creditor

You will need to also send your disputes to the organizations that provide information to the bureaus. If you do not, they will continue to pass on this false information. Be sure to also ask to be included in any correspondence between them and the bureau.

Hopefully this information will get you one step closer to clearing your credit name. Contact our team any time to discuss.