I’m an authorized user on a credit card – Will this affect my credit?

Becoming an authorized user to a credit card account can be a good way to begin to establish a credit history without being liable for any charges or balances. However, you also take on some risk as an authorized user. Your credit report will show both the good and the bad credit habits of the primary user, and as a result, your credit score will reflect any late payments or high utilization by the primary user.

How do I remove myself as an authorized user?

People remove themselves as authorized users on credit accounts for various reasons.  Perhaps you’re a young adult who has recently become financially independent, or maybe you’re going through a divorce. Regardless of the reason, removing yourself as an authorized user is not a complicated process.
Depending on the issuing company, you may be able to call the company yourself and simply ask them to withdraw your name.  For other companies, you may need the primary user to call on your behalf.  If you and the primary user are no longer in contact or the primary user refuses to make the request, you will have to start a dispute process through the credit card company. Once you are removed, that credit history should no longer appear on your credit report.

What if the account is still appearing on my credit report?

If the account continues to appear on your credit report, it is important that you contact the credit reporting agencies to correct the error as soon as possible. Credit report errors can result in problems such as higher interest rates, housing denial, and higher insurance premiums. 
If the credit card account is still appearing on your credit report, gather your records and follow these steps to correct the error:

  1. Contact the credit reporting agency that issued the report.
  2. Write a dispute letter that provides evidence and explains why the error should be removed.
  3. The credit reporting agency will have 30 days to investigate your complaint and act on it.
  4. If, after 30 days, the credit report is not updated, you can pursue legal action.

Hire the Consumer Law Firm of Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C. to Dispute Credit Report Errors

Fixing credit report errors on your own can be difficult and complicated. The Consumer Law Firm of Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C. has successfully dealt with thousands of cases concerning credit reporting under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. If you cannot correct your credit report, call us at 1-877-735-8600 or fill out a form for a free case review.