FCC expands RoboCall Rules within the TCPA

New Rules Close TCPA Loopholes

New rules have been put into place for those marketing and companies using loopholes to get around the current TCPA laws. There have been an astonishing amount of consumer complaints and tons of petitions and lawsuits, in fact last year alone; the FCC received over 215,000 complaints.

Blocking RoboCalls

The new rules allow carriers to provide its customers a way to better block unwanted texts and robocalls. Customers can send requests to their specific carrier to have these telemarketing communications blocked from ever reaching them. Pharmacies reaching out to discuss medications and debt collection companies are excluded from the rulesets put in place.
Another new rule put in place, is setting a standard for telemarketing to reassigned numbers. In the past, if you received a new phone number from a carrier and the previous number’s owner opted in to various services, you could still be receiving those telemarketing calls. Now, the company calling has one chance to make a call and remove the number from their call list. If they fail to comply, they could be subject to fines.
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