Monthly Guide For Keeping Your Credit and Identity in Check

Written by Alex Bach

With all the horror stories going around about identity theft and financial data breaches, consumers everywhere should be concerned with protecting their info and making sure their name is in good standing.

This guide to good consumer monthly practices is a simple way to stay on top of your credit and assure that if something is off, it’s caught early.

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3 Monthly Tips for Securing Your Credit Score and Identity:

Read Your Statements:

This might sound patronizing but it shouldn’t.  Many identity thieves don’t just drain your accounts at once.

Some of them take out a little here…a little there…amounts you might never notice or think to double check.  In this way, the theft becomes more enduring and as it builds and accumulates can lead to even more catastrophic consequences than if they’d just stolen all your money off the bat.

Look for any irregularities, double charges, or addresses that you don’t recognize.  Some places (gas stations and convenience stores) are notorious for showing up not as a Shell or Seven-Eleven but as an address and it’ll be up to you to remember just what that purchase might have been. It’s much easier if a problem occurs later to have a good idea of where these recurring addresses refer to.

Automated Bill Payments:

Much of your credit scores is determined by your ability to pay your debts on time. Late payments lead to late charges which might lead to more unpaid bills. And that can all happen from just a single forgetful moment.

In order to avoid the damages of a late bill payment it’s sometimes easier to schedule automatic payments that draft directly from your debit account. Out of sight, out of mind, out of trouble. Of course, monitor them to make sure there aren’t any irregularities.

Mint or Credit Karma Apps:

There are fortunately many apps out there specifically designed to help you manage your finances. Mint and Credit Karma are easily the two best. They allow you to check your credit score, monitor or schedule bill payments, and even remind you when to pay your bills. It’s like having your own personal financial secretary in your pocket.

With these monthly practices in place, you should be well on your way to a more secure financial future.