Mistaken identities in background checks can cost you a job

Today, nearly 90 percent of employers run a check on at least some of their applicants. As more employers throughout the country use background checks to review job applicants, NewsHour Weekend’s Megan Thompson interviews Jim Francis and takes a look at the job-screening process, which has recently come under fire for inaccurate reports that can cost people jobs. Since 9/11, the background screening industry has grown dramatically. Today, almost 90% of employers screen their applicants meaning millions of checks are done every year. The idea is to avoid problems and keep the workplace safe. But critics say the sources some screeners get their information from–bulk databases or other companies called data brokers–can be flawed. And the volume and speed at which it’s all compiled can mean mistakes are made, jobs lost and reputations ruined.

Watch more here: http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/background-checks-make-mistakes-applicants-left-little-recourse/