Mark Mailman Interviewed by CBS News about Fair Credit Reporting Act

Mark D. Mailman - Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C. - consumer law firm

Consumer protection attorney Mark Mailman was featured in an article about the Fair Credit Reporting Act and employment screening by Megan Cerullo at CBS News. Employers are frequently relying on background checks to screen future and current employees, and Mark Mailman explains that this practice is only becoming more prevalent.  Under the FCRA, employers must disclose that applicants and employees may be subject to background checks.  Companies must also provide the applicant a copy of the report and a copy of your rights under the FCRA before taking adverse action. 

Because these companies use basic identifying information, the information in these reports can be mixed or inaccurate. If you believe you have an error in your report, you have the right to dispute and take legal action if the background checking agency does not correct the errors.  Further, if your employer doesn’t disclose that you may be subject to a background check or takes adverse action without providing the appropriate notice, you may pursue legal action. 

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