My Expungement is Still Appearing on Background Checks- HELP!

Imagine this scenario- you have been convicted of a crime, one in which you later have expunged. You now feel relief that any criminal searches on government databases will show up clean. You no longer have to feel the stress or worry that comes along with a criminal record. A year later, you are applying for a job that you are really excited about. The employer does their usual background check and they discover your past arrest and conviction. The employer decides not to hire you because of your history- even though you thought you had the record taken care of. You are devastated and confused.

The truth is, expungements can still appear on background checks.

Employers usually use online background check companies or other online searches to check up on you. Unfortunaltely, private websites and companies do not get notified of your expungement. These sites pull criminal record databases constantly and store that within their files. This keeps your record alive.

These companies will take down your criminal record if you reach out and show proof of you expungement. The only issue is that the number of these companies is vast. It is important that as soon as you have your incident expunged, you do an online search of yourself to find all and any instances of your crime. Then start the process to have those taken down.

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