Capital One Settles a Huge TCPA Lawsuit

Capital One just settled a record breaking Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) lawsuit in the amount of $75 million! Capital One was accused of violating the TCPA rules when it comes to auto-dialing consumer’s cell phones without prior consent. This class action lawsuit was created specifically because of debt collection calls made by the company.

Could you be a victim of TCPA violations? Get a FREE Case Review Now and discuss your experiences with auto-dialed or unsolicited phone calls from debt collection agencies, creditors, or ANY other entity. Keep track of all your interactions and be sure to note the date and time.

The TCPA Protects You

There are many ways that creditors and debt collection agencies pursue you all in the attempt to receive payments owed. Unfortunately, some collection companies, creditors or other entities go too far and the pursuit turns into something that looks like harassment.  The Telephone Consumer Protection Act is just one law that has been put in place to protect the consumer from unethical and down-right disrespectful practices.

These are some of the practices that debt collectors, creditors, and other entities are forbidden from partaking in when contacting you:

  • Strict rules for auto-dialers: No calling hospital or emergency lines, no calling or texting cell phone without written consent.
  • These companies must comply with Do Not Call lists or the DNC. If you have requested to be on the DNC list, they cannot call you after your name has been added.
  • All solicitation or marketing of services must have prior written consent.

If you feel as if you are a victim of unethical practices, call our team today. You could be award between $500-$1500 per violation.