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Credit Score Primer

You’ve surely heard the terms “credit score,” “credit report,” and “credit bureaus,” but, like many Americans, you’re probably not exactly sure what they mean.  Every consumer deserves to know exactly how and why a credit score is calculated.  We’re going to break these concepts down so that you can feel confident in all your credit-related

Credit Score Myths

Credit scores are important; they are a significant factor in determining loans, housing, and even employment.  Most consumers have many questions about their credit score.  For instance: what is a credit score?  Who determines your credit score?  How do you improve your score?  Myth: Credit repair companies work. Reality: Credit repair companies that advertise a quick resolution for

Do you need credit monitoring?

What is credit monitoring? Credit monitoring services, like those offered by TransUnion or Experian, watch your credit report for any changes or fraud and send you alerts if they detect any unusual activity.  These services can cost more than $30 each month, which is a steep cost to pay when you can perform many of these services

Mark D. Mailman - Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C. - consumer law firm

Mark Mailman Interviewed by CBS News about Fair Credit Reporting Act

Consumer protection attorney Mark Mailman was featured in an article about the Fair Credit Reporting Act and employment screening by Megan Cerullo at CBS News. Employers are frequently relying on background checks to screen future and current employees, and Mark Mailman explains that this practice is only becoming more prevalent.  Under the FCRA, employers must

What’s a secured credit card?

What is a secured credit card? Have you heard about Amazon’s Credit Builder Card, which was launched earlier this month? You may be wondering if this kind of card is the right choice for your financial situation.   A secured card is a type of credit card that is designed to help an individual with a low credit score

Are you a rideshare driver having problems with your background check?

Rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft are notorious for partnering with third-party companies that can produce inaccurate or incomplete background checks.You’ve probably read scary news articles like the stories about the Somali war criminal who passed an Uber background check and the Chicago Lyft driver with a criminal history who was charged with raping a