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LeasingDesk Tenant Screening by RealPage Inc.

What is RealPage Inc.? What is LeasingDesk?

RealPage Inc. is a specialty consumer reporting agency that was founded in 1998. Headquartered in Richardson, Texas, it has offices in North America, Europe and Asia to serve its clients based all around the world. As part of its property management software platform, RealPage offers its LeasingDesk screening to provide background data on tenants and rental applicants. In 2017 RealPage acquired On-Site another rental management platform that also provides instant tenant screening.

During the application process, rental property owners may conduct a background check on their potential tenants. The property management will hire a third party background screening service, like LeasingDesk screening, to look into the applicant’s rental history, criminal background, credit score and payment history. The RealPage consumer report will include a LeasingDesk score that the property management can use to approve or deny the rental application.

Is RealPage Inc. on your credit report?

If you have recently applied to be a tenant at a rental property, the property management may have conducted a background check through RealPage before deciding on your application. A LeasingDesk Resident Screening Report provides a “pass” or “fail” score after assessing the candidate’s background data and credit history. A RealPage Inc or LeasingDesk credit inquiry will appear on your credit report if the landlord used their services to inquire about your credit history.

Did RealPage report an error? Were you denied housing because of an incorrect LeasingDesk score?

RealPage is required to be as accurate as possible in their reports. They are also required to notify the consumer if the report contains any negative information and to verify with the consumer that the information is accurate. Likewise, a landlord is required to notify you if your housing application is denied because of information included on your RealPage consumer report or your LeasingDesk score.

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, you have the right to view a free copy of your RealPage consumer report to ensure that the information is accurate. If there is an error in your RealPage background check or LeasingDesk screening score, you also have the right to dispute the error and have it corrected. Moreover, depending on the error, you have a legal right to sue and not need to even dispute.

How to File a RealPage Consumer Report and LeasingDesk Screening Score Dispute

You can dispute an error on your background report online, over the phone or through written letter. When you file a RealPage background check dispute, RealPage then has 30 days to look into the complaint. If the investigation affirms that the information is incorrect, the error must be fixed immediately.

However, if the dispute is unresolved or ignored, you have the right to sue. Additionally, there are many errors that don’t even require a dispute. You may be entitled for additional damages if the error caused you to lose a rental or housing opportunity. Learn how you can get free legal help today.

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Can I Sue RealPage (LeasingDesk) for Errors?

You may have a case and be able to sue in Federal court if the following have happened to you:

Get Legal Help to Resolve Your RealPage and LeasingDesk Dispute

Depending on the type of error, you may have the right to sue. You may be entitled to more damages especially if you have lost a rental or housing opportunity because of an error from RealPage and LeasingDesk.

A 2018 RealPage lawsuit from the Federal Trade Commission found that RealPage did not have the appropriate policies set in place to ensure the accuracy of its practices. Consumers’ records matched criminal records with only names and birthdates as the criteria. RealPage agreed to pay a $3 million settlement to the Federal Trade Commission.

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