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Trackers (Trak-1 Technology)

Who is Trackers (Trak-1 Technology)?

Trak-1 is a service that provides employment, resident and volunteer screening. A consumer’s information is pulled by a company when their credit and criminal information is needed to make an important decision such as employment, acceptance into a housing unit, or allowing the person to volunteer in certain situations.

Clean up Trackers Inaccuracies

If you believe a Trackers or Trak-1 screening included a mistake that cost you the job, have that mistake remitted right away.  Did an error affect you acceptance into a home?  Get help to get that issue cleared up.  Did an inaccurate claim cause you not to be accepted into a volunteer program?  Don’t let Trackers / Trak-1 errors affect you again- dispute them right away.

You cannot dispute accurate information, but federal law requires that credit reporting agencies remove information if it cannot be verified.

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If you feel that your federal rights have been violated by Trackers or Trak-1, you should contact proper legal counsel. There have been many lawsuits won based on the violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. In fact, you can recover up to $1,000 per violation and the truth is that there are, in most cases, multiple errors, this of course is in addition to attorney fees, court fees and punitive damages.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act protect you and your credit history. The law states that all information listed on your credit report must be accurate. If inaccurate, the credit bureau needs to investigate and remove that erroneous information. If disputed and still deemed accurate, the credit bureau must verify the negative information, and until it has done so, that information must be removed.

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