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National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) – VA

Address 12701 Fair Lakes Circle, #380
City Fairfax
State Virginia
Zip Code 22033
Phone 1 703-222-6250

The National Insurance Crime Bureau of Virginia was sanctioned by major companies within the Insurance industry as a way to deal with insurance fraud and all kinds of insurance related crimes.  The investigative database that NICB of Virgina focuses on motor vehicle theft and personal injury claims.

NICB is a not-for-profit organization whose members only include insurance companies and self-insured.

What is on a Credit Report?

A credit report is a document that can list all of your credit history- your outstanding debts, late payments, loan payments, credit card history, any public records, bankruptcies, liens, criminal records,etc.

False Criminal Records

Has your latest credit report indicated an instance of criminal behavior that is untrue?  Has this record of insurance or personal injury fraud been dropped and not yet from from your credit report or employee screening report?

False criminal records on your credit reports is a big deal.  These errors or not yet updated claims can cause you to be rejected for a job, loan opportunity, or even a housing application.

Get Help

Get the help you deserve to clean up inaccurate credit reports.  These mistakes can cost you a lot.  We have a team of dedicated lawyers who make clearing up your credit and employment screening records their number one priority.

We know who to contact and how exactly to reach out to them.  We know the proper channels to go through to make sure everything is resolved in a timely manner.

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