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National Student Clearinghouse

What is the National Student Clearinghouse?

The National Student Clearinghouse is a resource for students, alumni, and potential employers to verify education history. For employers, they can use National Student Clearinghouse to check education and certification claims on applications.

Research has shown that education discrepancies are commonly found. Potential employers utilize companies like National Student Clearinghouse to make sure that any claims are accurate before making a hiring decision.

Inaccuracies in National Student Clearinghouse Report

Errors in education history in a report can occur, unfortunately. The cost of an education history error can be detrimental to your future career. Errors on a National Student Clearinghouse report could end up costing you a job or a promotion.

If you know the National Student Clearinghouse is missing your claimed education history or certifications, this means that something is inaccurate or outdated within the databases that they pull from. This can be resolved by contacting National Student Clearinghouse and any credit bureaus utilized by National Student Clearinghouse.

Contact Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C. Now To Resolve These Errors

If an error within National Student Clearinghouse’s reports caused you damage in any way, Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C. is here to correct the report. We can help you dispute this inaccuracy and correct your information. Contact our lawyers now, or call (877) 735-8600, and get your free case review.

National Student Clearinghouse Contact Information

Address 13454 Sunrise Valley Drive, Ste. 300
City Herndon
State Virginia
Zip Code 20171
Phone 1 703-742-4200
Fax  547-544-7101

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