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National Background Data

National Background Data provides background check services to businesses during the hiring process. They provide criminal checks, tenant screening, volunteer screening, motor vehicle and driving checks, and so much more. They primarily screen prospective employees, but they will also provide information on volunteers, renters, and more.

National Background Data, like many other background check companies, pulls your sensitive information from different databases. That is why the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) was put in place to protect consumers. Under the FCRA, credit reporting agencies and background check companies are required to provide accurate information and keep their databases up to date.

Errors on your National Background Data Credit Report?

Unfortunately, background check errors are a common occurrence. They could be due to outdated information, identity theft, clerical errors, and merged or mistaken accounts. These errors can be extremely damaging. National Background Data’s background check errors can prevent you from getting a home or a job. It is the responsibility of National Background Data to ensure that the information in their reports are complete and accurate.

If you have been denied employment, or denied a home due to a mistake on your background check that was provided by National Background Data, you have the right to dispute that information.

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Address 3001 Hackberry Road
City Irving
State Texas
Zip Code 75063
Phone 1 866-234-4455

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