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MicroBilt performs many different verification services for businesses.  Credit screening, background checks, rental reports, criminal searches and much more.

If you are a consumer dealing with mistakes in any of this information –  MicroBilt offers a way to contact them.

If you have been turned down for credit based on false information, reach out to MicroBilt right away.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act was enacted to give you the right to dispute any errors and mistakes listed on your credit reports and employment screening reports.

Mistaken Identity

It is not uncommon for people, especially those that have very common names – Mary Jones, John Smith, etc.,  to have what is called a “mixed file”.  This is when a person’s credit information is mistakenly listed on another individual’s credit report because the names match.

This occurrence can be devastating, as it can affect any of your loan applications, big purchases, and even employment application.

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Have you been a victim of mistaken identity?  Is your credit report ridden with mistakes?  Have you gotten nowhere in resolving these issues with either the credit reporting agency or the credit bureaus?

Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C. is ready to work on your case.  We have experience working with many individuals dealing with the same issues.

We have seen mistaken identity, identity theft, false criminal records, mistakes in education history and much more.   We are able to get these issues resolved right and may even be able to get you money in the process for the violations made.

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