Medical Information Bureau, Inc. (MIB)

The MIB Group (which was formerly called the Medical Information Bureau) Is the only insurance credit reporting agency in America. The MIB was created in the early 1900s to gather and share medical and insurance related data.

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, MIB Group is considered a “nationwide specialty consumer reporting agency” and therefore must provide consumers with access to their reports annually.

You are Entitled to an Annual, Free Report

You have access to one free credit report annually at  It is important that you use this to monitor your reports for any errors or mistakes that may appear.

It is up to you to make sure that your credit history is accurate- as if it is not, it will only affect you and your future in many different arenas- loans, purchases, housing, employment and much more.

Disputing Credit Report Errors

As soon as you notice an error- or are notified of negative information you know to be false- you need to contact both the credit reporting agencies and credit bureaus.

They must perform separate investigations into your dispute and determine whether or not to remove the item from your report.

Often times, it takes multiple attempts to get any action from the CRA or credit bureau.  It may be worth it to talk to a lawyer about getting the disputed items removed promptly.

A lawyer can also assess the situation to see if the violations are subject to fines by the credit reporting agencies or credit bureau.

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