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Interthinx provides many services for organizations that need it.  Mortgage fraud and verification, criminal background checks, and license verification.  Interthinx and credit reporting agencies like it work hard to identify fraud on behalf on many businesses.  But the truth is that these companies can also be victims of fraud.

Rise in Identity Theft

Identity thief is a serious concern.  It is a rapidly growing problem in the US as more and more payments and purchases are done online.  In fact identity theft affects millions of individuals every year.

There are many kinds of identity theft including abduction of email property, social networking accounts, medical records, and much more.  There are many high profile identity theft cases, read about 6 high profile cases.

Consequences of Identity Theft

There are many things that thieves can do with your identity:

-Make purchases using your credit card or bank account information

-Create various accounts under your name, causing you to be considered delinquent when payments are late or go unpaid.

-Establish phone accounts in your name.

– Take out loans in your name- auto and mortgage.

– Use your identity/name if ever they were pulled over or arrested by a police offer- adding false criminal activity to your account.

What to Do If You Think You Are An Identity Theft Victim

You should first contact credit bureaus to have a fraud alert place on your credit reports- this will inform any parties that are analyzing your information that some facts may be false.  You have a right to view your credit reports annually, so be sure to monitor.   After working out issue with the police and unable to get credit report fraud items removed- contact Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C. to help.

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