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Insurance Information Exchange

Insurance Information Exchange (iiX) offers employers and business a way to produce driver and background checks. This helps determine risk before hiring.

Errors on Credit Reports Costs

Don’t let credit mistakes affect your future. A recent study showed that there are over 40 million Americans have credit report mistakes- 40 MILLION! An error on your credit report can cost you money– increase interest rates on loans, prevent you from getting a job or the ability to buy a home or car.

Only an average of 8 million Americans file for a dispute due to an error they found on their credit report. This leaves tons of mistakes unreported.

Disputing Errors Found on Credit Report

Disputing inaccuracies can be arduous, frustrating and confusing. The fact is, the credit bureaus are businesses who focus on providing services for companies- they do not specialize with dealing with consumer disputes. This means that often disputes are handled wrong, or never cleaned up.

To properly dispute, you need to contact both the credit bureau and the organization that provided the credit information and history. When you have tried every avenue and you are still hitting roadblocks, you may want to get a lawyer involved. Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C. specializes in just these cases.

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We are ready to help you with your case if needed. We can help you clean up all reports and background checks and file lawsuits if applicable. Errors cost you a lot- it is important to take action immediately.

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