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Global Payments Systems

Global Payment Systems offers many products for businesses assessing risk.  Everything from ordering screenings and background checks to performing collection services when needed.  The variety of services allow Global Payment Systems to gather a lot of information about consumers across the nation to better analyze their history for the companies that need it.

Disputing Errors-  It is Your Right

It is your right to have any error on your credit history removed.  Not removing a mistake or error can have detrimental  effects on many aspects of your life.  Interests rates can soar, jobs can be denied, applications for housing can be rejected, ability to make big purchases can be in jeopardy.

Want to buy a home or car- if a major error in your credit report pops up as a huge risk to the lender- the purchase can be denied!  Don’t let this happen to you.

Monitor Your Reports Frequently

You cannot spot errors if you do not look at your credit reports.  Be sure to take advantage of your right to an annual credit report screening.  Look at all aspects of the credit report- make sure everything is up to date and error-free.   Check for inconsistencies that may indicate that they have the wrong person (sometimes information is mixed up if your name matches some other consumer) or that there may be fraud involved.

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