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First American Financial Corporation

Did First American Financial Corporation Report an Error?

First American Financial Corporation is one of many companies that provide information to real estate investors. They help by providing data on individuals seeking to purchase real estate so that the sellers can assess risk.

The problem is, that often, the information gathered by companies like this is not always accurate. There are many factors that contribute to why there are sometimes errors in reports about you as a consumer and potential buyer. What is most important to know, is that these mistakes or inconsistencies can have devastating affects on whether or not you are approved for various things such as mortgage loans or credit approvals.

What to Do If You Find a Dispute

If a negative item on your credit history or reports affects your ability to gain a loan or credit, you should be notified of such item. Once notified, and you determine that this is a dispute, you need to start the process immediately to get everything cleared up before it affects anything else in your future- potential jobs, loans, credit, etc.

You will need to contact the credit reporting agencies directly- phone, email, fax, mail. Provide all information that you have proving that the dispute is in fact a dispute. The credit reporting agencies must place a note on your credit report, indicating that a particular item is being investigated.

If after several attempts to get issues resolved, nothing has been cleaned up- then it may be time to reach out to us to help move things along.

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Contact Information for First American Financial Corporation

Address 1 First American Way
City Santa Ana
State California
Zip Code 92707
Phone 1 800-854-3643

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