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Deposit Payment Protection Services (SCAN)

Does Deposit Payment Protection Services Have Your Information?

The Deposit Payment Protection Services is a platform for tenants and landlords to assess potential residents.

Often landlords, real estate agents and management companies want to look further into individuals to see if they are a good fit for application acceptance.  They may look at credit, and past payment records and also look into past criminal records.

Negative information (for example violent criminal history, or reoccurring late or non-payments) could be cause for residential application rejection.

What Happens If the Screening Information is False

There are many instance where your screening or credit report can have an error.  There are lots of reason that go into why this could occur- human error, identity theft, failure to update details, etc.  An error could have devastating effects and could cost you a lot- money, interest hikes, loan rejections, job denials and so much more.

This is why it is so important to watch your credit report annually– it is your responsibility.  If you see an error, contact the credit reporting agencies that are responsible. They will place an alert on this item until it is figured out.

When to Contact a Lawyer

If the credit reporting agency has failed to take any action or if you feel that they did not clean up a dispute, then you may want to get a law firm involved.  You may even be able to collect damages.

Contact Information for Deposit Payment Protection Services

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