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Credit Technologies

Credit Technologies is a credit reporting and scoring agency. Their focus is home mortgage lending. On their website they boast that they can help lenders close more loans in less time, and that they are affective with all credit scores. They offer credit analysis reports that shows lenders how to improve your credit score based on your credit report. Any misinformation on your credit report could be very damaging, and cost you. If credit technologies has any errors on the reports they provide you may lose out on a mortgage, or pay much higher interest rates than you should.

Dispute Credit Report Errors at Credit Technologies

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, credit reporting agencies have to give you a platform to dispute any potential errors or mistakes. You will first need to contact Credit Technologies and let them know about the error. Many companies have a section on their website for disputes with instructions, if you cannot locate a section like that you need to contact them in writing. Even if you contact them online, make sure you keep a copy of all letters, emails, or any interactions with Credit Technologies.

Once your credit report dispute is submitted to Credit Technologies, they should investigate and have any errors corrected within 30 days.

Sometimes, credit reporting agencies do not follow the rules under the FCRA and you end up paying the price. If you are having a difficult time getting errors removed from the reports at Credit Technologies, it’s time to call a consumer protection lawyer.

Hire the Consumer Protection Law Firm of Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C.

Mistakes on your credit report can have devastating effects on many aspects of your life. You may be entitled to damages, and under the FCRA you have the right to sue for those damages.

Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C. is an experienced law firm that handles consumer protection law, and can help you get the compensation you deserve. Call today to get a free consultation- 855-735-8600 – or fill out our quick free quote form.

Credit Technologies Inc Contact Information

Address 50481 W. Pontiac Trail
City Wixom
State Michigan
Zip Code 48393-2028
Phone 1 888-445-492
Fax 800-473-7409

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