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Who is ChexSystems Credit Agency?

Just like the top 3 agencies (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion), ChexSystems is a credit reporting agency.

It’s not just the top agencies that gather your credit data. Many other credit reporting agencies gather data on your credit history.

ChexSystems is owned by Fidelity National Information Services and specifically compiles information on how consumers handle deposit exchanges at their banking institutions.

The majority of banks and credit unions use ChexSystems for a step in the consumer’s application process- in fact about eighty percent.

What does ChexSystems report on?

The majority of the issues reported in the ChexSystems reports include; deposit fraud, overdrafting of funds, non-pay of balances, suspicious account and deposit activity

As a credit reporting agency, ChexSystems is required to follow the laws enacted by the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Under this act, ChexSystems is required to provide credit reports to consumers. Upon viewing their credit report through ChexSystems, consumers are able to dispute any information that they deem inaccurate.

How do I dispute errors on ChexSystems reports?

Have you noticed errors on your ChexSystems reports? Are these errors causing problems in your everyday life? You are able to dispute negative information that appears on your reports and can demand proof of these negative elements of the reports.

While most credit reporting agencies supply information on their reports that is both positive and negative about the consumers, ChexSystems has been criticized about only including negative information.

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