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What is Checkr?

Uber and Lyft background checks by ChekrCheckr is a background check company located in San Francisco, CA. Employers hire Checkr to handle pre-employment screening and background checks.
Checkr provides background check services for manufacturing, healthcare, non-profit, retail and hospitality, and education industries.

Notable Companies that have used Checkr for employment background checks

  • Uber
  • Lyft
  • Postmates
  • Grubhub

What is in a Checkr Background Check?

The screening services that Checkr offers include:

  • Social Security Number validation
  • criminal records check, including terrorist watchlists and sex offender registries
  • driving records check
  • employment and education verifications
  • drug screening
  • credit checks

Checkr Background Check Errors

Errors, like incorrect criminal history, on Checkr background checks are common complaints. We have helped many job seekers that were denied employment due to background check errors. You are not alone.
Look at the Checkr complaints and Checkr reviews at and you will see many others like you.
Incorrect criminal history on Checkr background checks can prevent people from driving for Uber and Lyft.

Common Background Check Errors

  • incorrect criminal history
  • outdated information
  • mixed files

Old information can show up on a background check when databases are not up-to-date.

Non-convictions over seven years old should NOT be in your Checkr background check. In California, Kentucky, New York and New Mexico non-convictions CANNOT be on your Checkr background check at all. Incorrect criminal history on a background check can happen. It may be as simple as having the same name or similar address as someone that does have a criminal history. Perhaps, you had your record expunged and old information is on your background check.

It is the responsibility of any consumer reporting agency to make sure the information they provide is accurate and up-to-date.

Checkr Background Check Dispute

Unfortunately, mistakes on background checks are common. This can be devastating. Luckily, there are laws in place to protect you. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) protects you from mistakes on credit reports and background checks.

  1. When a background check is being used against you the following must happen:
    • you must be notified that the report is being used against you
    • you must be given a copy of the report and the contact information of the background check company
    • you must be given a summary of your rights.
  2. You have the right to dispute errors on your Checkr background check
  3. You have the right to sue Checkr for damages over your background check

Checkr Complaints

Lawsuits Against Checkr

The following are summaries recent Checkr complaints and cases filed by the consumer law firm of Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C..
If any of the following situations have happened to you, call 1-877-735-8600 for a free case evaluation.

Erica Johnson v. Checkr, Inc. – Claimant applied for a delivery job with a nationwide delivery service. The employer ran a background check on the Claimant through Checkr, Inc., and the background report created by Checkr, Inc. inaccurately included a misdemeanor battery conviction that actually belonged to another person with a similar name. As a result of the inaccurate report, Claimant was notified that she was going to be denied the job with the delivery service. In an effort to prevent losing the job offer, Claimant disputed the inaccuracy in the report with Checkr, Inc. Despite the relevant public records making clear that the criminal record did not belong to Claimant, Checkr, Inc. verified the inaccurate criminal record as belonging to Claimant, and the job offer was rescinded.

Marcovitch v. Checkr. – Plaintiff was deactivated from Uber because of an inaccurate background check report by Checkr, in which Checkr mixed the Plaintiff with another person. The inaccurate information is two open warrants and personal information that belong to another person. Plaintiff disputed and report corrected.

Conley v. Checkr, Inc. – Claimant applied for a job with Uber. Uber runs background checks on its new hires, and they purchased a background report about Claimant from Checkr. Checkr sold Uber a background report that inaccurately stated Claimant was a convicted felon. She is not a felon. As a result of the inaccurate report, Claimant was unable to work as a driver for Uber.

Watson v. Checkr, Inc. – Claimant was a long term driver for Lyft. Lyft runs periodic background reports on its drivers, and it purchases those reports from Checkr. Checkr produced and sold a report to Lyft that incorrectly states that Claimant is a convicted felon. Due to Checkr’s faulty procedures, Checkr mixed the Claimant with a lifetime gang member who was serving a decades-long prison sentence. As a result of Checkr’s error, Claimant was suspended from his employment with Lyft.

Marcovitch b. Checkr, Inc. – Plaintiff, Mr. Marcovitch was deactivated from employment with Uber due to inaccurate background report issued by Checkr. The inaccurate information were two open warrants (for murder and assault) that did not belong to him but belonged to another consumer. Due to Checkr’s faulty procedures it mixed the Plaintiff with another consumer. The non matching information was a name. As a result Plaintiff was deactivated. Plaintiff disputed and report eventually corrected.

Hodge v. Checkr, Inc. – Our client, Ms. Hodge was deactivated from Lyft due to Checkr producing an inaccurate background check report. The inaccurate information were criminal convictions from 2011 which should not have been reporting because they antedated the report by more than 7 years; in violation of the FCRA and California state laws. Ms. Hodge disputed the inaccurate information and Checkr failed to correct it, to date.

Client from CA; bringing claim against background reporting agency Checkr for reporting obsolete information in violation of the FCRA and CA state law. The inaccurate information is criminal records that antedate the background check report by more than 7 years. As a result she lost a job with Uber.

Shannon Nicole Wilson v. Checkr. Plantiff Shannon Nicole Wilson applied for work with Amazon Flex as a driver. Checkr prepared a background report that contained a felony conviction. The felony conviction on the checkr background check was inaccurate. The felony conviction on the checkr report was related to another person who had the same name as Plantiff.

Maurice Allan Davis v. Checkr Inc. – Mr. Davis was denied a job as a as a cell tower technician due to a multiple convictions for possession of marijuana which was inaccurately reported on his background report by Checkr. The criminal records belong to another individual with a similar name and date of birth as Mr. Davis.

Ronald Dickerson v. Checkr Inc. –. Mr. Dickerson was denied a job at SPIN due to an inaccurate felony conviction and two misdemeanor convictions reporting on his Checkr report. The convictions belong to someone who used Mr. Dickerson’s name as an alias.

Jerome Miller v. Checkr. – NDCA. Mr. Miller was denied employment with Uber because Checkr inaccurately reported his license as being expired when it was not, on his Checkr background report. The case settled.

Johnny Young v. Checkr. – NDCA. Mr. Young was denied employment with Uber due to criminal records that were inaccurately reported on his background report by Checkr. The inaccurate criminal records were a felony conviction that belonged to another individual with a different name than Mr. Young. Mr. Young disputed the inaccurate information and Checkr failed to correct it. The case settled.

Tyrone Gaskin Sr. v. Checkr. – NDCA. Mr. Gaskin was denied employment with Uber due to criminal records that were inaccurately reported on his background report by Checkr. The inaccurate criminal records included 2 felony convictions that belonged to another individual with the same name but different date or birth as Mr. Young. The case settled.

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How to Contact Checkr – Address and Phone Number

Address: One Montgomery Street, Suite 2000
City: San Francisco
State: California
Zip Code: 94104
Phone: 844-224-3257

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