Obtain a Free Copy of Your Credit Report

Every year you are entitled to view your credit reports from TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian for free. This is a relatively easy process. Go to annualcreditreport.com. Fill in your contact information and select which credit reports you would like to view- you can see all three.

Each entity will require that you answer a few questions about yourself to determine your identity. Your car loan, mortgage loan, bank account number, or even a previous address is used to determine if you are you, before they give you access to your credit history.

Once you can view your data, you will be able to see all inquires on your credit, and even the number of negative items on your account and what they entail. You can even dispute some of the information if inaccurate right on the portals.

Some Errors are More Difficult to Remove

Some errors take a little more elbow grease to remove from your credit report. And in some instances you may need the help of an attorney to get involved to get action. Call us at (877) 735-8600 or fill out a free case review today to get started.

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