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Sterling Talent Solutions Background Checks and Employment Reports

Did Errors on Your Sterling Background Check Cause You to Lose a Job?

What is Sterling Talent Solutions?

In 2016, SterlingBackcheck and TalentWise merged to form Sterling Talent Solutions. Sterling Talent solutions is one of the largest background check companies. Sterling provides background checks and pre-employment screening services to employers in several industries. These industries include: education, government, healthcare, retail, gig economy, manufacturing, construction, and utilities.

What is in a Sterling Background Check?

Employers use background check services like Sterling during the hiring process.  How far back they check and what they check for will depend on the employer and the job.

Sterling Background Checks May Include The following:

  • Criminal History
  • Employment and Education Verification
  • Social Media Screening
  • Court Records

  • Driving History
  • Drug Screening
  • Credit Reports
  • Fingerprinting

The Sterling background services your employer chooses will vary.

Did Errors on Your Sterling Background Check Cost You a Job?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires background checks to meet a standard of greatest possible accuracy. Background check companies like Sterling must keep their databases accurate and up-to-date.

Unfortunately, background checks can contain errors. This can be due to outdated databases or inefficient profile matching. Some job seekers find their records mixed with another person that has a criminal record. This can happen with similar names and birthdates.

Background Check Errors Can Cause Job Loss

How to Dispute Sterling Talent Solutions Background Check

If there is a mistake on your Sterling Talent Solutions background check, you have the right to dispute the error and have it corrected.

Under the FCRA, if you have been denied a job opportunity because of information on your Sterling background check, you must be notified.

  • You have the right to view a free copy of your file.
  • You should receive a copy of your rights
  • You should receive the contact information for Sterling to dispute any errors

If there is an error in your Sterling background check, you can write a dispute letter and send it to the address below. You can also dispute over the phone. After you file the dispute, Sterling Talent Solutions has 30 days to investigate your claims and correct any errors.
To dispute Sterling background check errors you can call 1-888-889-5248.

File A Sterling Talent Solutions Lawsuit

Sterling Talent Solutions Complaints and Lawsuits

In 2014, there were three class action lawsuits by the Legal Action Center and Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C. against Sterling Talent Solutions (Sterling Infosystems Inc.) and other background screening companies. These companies violated the federal and state laws for proper background screening processes.

If your Sterling background check had errors that cost you a job you may be able to sue Sterling Talent Solutions in federal court.

Below are some recent settled cases against Sterling Talent Solutions. If you have an experienced a situation like any listed below, you may have a case.

Client applied for employment with Concentrix in September 2020. Concentrix requested a background check from Sterling. In response, Sterling produced an inaccurate background check report. The inaccurate information was a felony charge which was plead to a misdemeanor and the Judgment of a misdemeanor was entered by the Court. Sterling was inaccurately reporting the case as a felony conviction. The client disputed the inaccurate information with Sterling and Sterling failed to correct the inaccurate criminal history reporting. As a result, Plaintiff was denied for employment.

Brittany Johnson v. Sterling. Ms. Johnson was denied employment as a call center worker because of an inaccurate criminal history on her Sterling background report. The inaccurate criminal history belongs to a person who has the same maiden name as Plaintiff.

Jasmine Towler v. Sterling. Ms. Towler was delayed entrance into a program that would advance her employment because of an inaccurate background report prepared by Sterling. The Sterling report contained a criminal record that had been expunged.

Glenn Stephens v. Sterling Infosystems, Inc. – S.D.NY.  Mr. Stephens was denied employment with Lyft due to an inaccurate felony conviction on his Sterling background check. The charge in question had been dismissed.
The case settled.

Mark Riley v. Sterling Infosystems, Inc. – S.D.NY.  Mr. Riley was denied a job due to criminal records that were inaccurately reported on his Sterling background check. The criminal records belong to another individual with the same name and date of birth as Mr. Riley.
The case settled.

Marvin Mitchell v.  Sterling Infosystems, Inc. – E.D.PA. Mr. Mitchell was delayed in getting employment with Lyft. This was due to an inaccurate criminal history on his Sterling background check. The criminal record in question had been overturned on appeal.
The case settled.

Rudy Garcia v. Sterling Infosystems, Inc. – S.D.NY.  Mr. Garcia was delayed in starting a new job. This was due to inaccurate information on his Sterling background check. The inaccurate information was the criminal history of another person that used Rudy Garcia as an alias.
The case settled.

If errors on your Sterling Talent Solutions background check have cost you a job, get a free case review now.

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