Milliman IntelliScript Prescription Reports

Did Errors on a Milliman IntelliScript Report Cause You to Lose Insurance?

What is Milliman IntelliScript?

Milliman is a consumer reporting agency and IntelliScript is a service they provide for insurance companies. Milliman IntelliScript collects and reports information insurance companies on prescription drug purchases. When an insurance company sends an Authorized Request for information for an individual, Milliman IntelliScript checks its data sources and returns any available information to the insurance company.

Reports should only exist if the individual authorized the release of his/her records to the insurance company and if that insurance company submitted a request to Milliman IntelliScript.

Has Milliman IntelliScript Reported False Information?

Mistakes on your Milliman IntelliScript report can happen. Errors on your report can make it impossible for you to get life insurance or supplemental health insurance. Mistakes on an IntelliScript report could make your insurance premiums higher.

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) all consumer reporting agencies must make sure that the information they provide about consumers is up-to-date and accurate. The FCRA also gives you the right to dispute false information that is reported about you.

Milliman IntelliScript Complaints

Perhaps Milliman IntelliScript released your information without your authorization, or your IntelliScript report contained false information that was then given to your insurance company.

Recent complaints and cases against Milliman IntelliScript have been due to mixed files.

Our clients had been denied life insurance based on their Milliman IntelliScript report. The reports contained prescription information that was related to other individuals. In one case, a client’s IntelliScript report showed hundreds of prescriptions in her medical history that did not belong her. This lead to her being denied for supplement health insurance.

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Contact Information for Milliman IntelliScript

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