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SDAA’s Infolink Resident screening is used by housing communities, apartmant complexes and tenant to screen potential residents. It is important for these businesses and individuals to screen before accepting an application as they need to protect their investment and other residents alike.

What is a Screening?

The Infolink Screening service provide a comprehensive look at the potential residents credit, criminal and employment history. This helps the tenant understand and assess the risks involved with accepting an application.

Credit report, social security verification, employment records, and criminal records are included in a screening.

Cost of Errors

If there is an error in your screening- such as a false arrest or mistake in your employment status- it could cause your tenant application to be denied or your loan application to be rejected.  Don’t let an error on your screening or credit report cost you a job or even more.

Monitoring Reports and Getting them Cleaned Up

As companies and employers are using your credit history more and more to determine your ability to pay and work out, it is important to check your reports often to make sure they are free of mistakes or errors.  If you have spotted an inaccuracies and tried to get it removed multiple times and had no luck- it is time to reach out to a team that has experience doing so.

Call Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C. today for a free consultation to look over your case against a credit bureau or credit reporting agency.  We are her to help now-  (877) 735-8600

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