Criminal 411

Criminal 411 provides criminal records and history, driving records, and drug histories for companies that need to look into individuals, customers, residents or even employees.
Any mistakes on the reports and background checks provided by Criminal 411 can be extremely harmful to your reputation and well being. Background check errors can prevent employment and housing, and cause you to lose out on money for you and your family.

Dispute Criminal 411 Background Checks

If you lost out on a job or a home due to errors on a background check from Criminal 411, it is important that you contact them right away and dispute the error. Most times there is a place on their website to dispute errors, make sure that you keep a copy of what you send for your own records as well. If there is nowhere to dispute mistakes on the Criminal 411 website, you can use our sample dispute letter to get you started.

When your disputes with Criminal 411 go ignored and unresolved you need to call a consumer protection lawyer to fight for you.

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If you feel that Criminal 411 and their background checks have violated your rights under the FCRA you have the right to sue for damages.

Call 1-877-735-8600 today or fill out our quick form for a free case review. Our team of dedicated consumer protection lawyers is ready to fight for you.

Criminal 411 Contact Information

Address 10501 N. Central Expwy Ste 308
City Dallas
State Texas
Zip Code 75231
Phone 1 214-206-3565
Phone 2 214-206-3566

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