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Background Investigation Bureau (BIB) Background Checks

Did BIB Background Check Errors Cost You a Job?

What is Background Investigation Bureau?

Background Investigation Bureau or BIB is a background check and pre-employment screening service. They provide background screening services for the following industries: education, parks agencies, non-profit organizations, volunteering, corporate businesses, grocery stores, and staffing agencies.

What is in a BIB Background Check?

Background Investigation Bureau (BIB) provides a variety of searches and pre-employment screening services. Depending on the job or volunteer position you are applying for and what the employer requested your BIB report could contain any of the following:

  • Criminal history – county, state, and federal records
  • Sex offender records and monitoring
  • Driving records

  • Employment and education verifications
  • Government databases – sanctions and watchlist checks, OFAC
  • BIB also provides drug testing, physical exams, and ongoing monitoring of employees’ backgrounds.

Generally, you will sign an authorization form when applying for a job that allows the employer to run a background check. A background check should never be done without your permission.

How Long Does a BIB Background Check Take?

BIB background check has an average turnaround time of 48 hours. This is according to a BIB brochure, for the AEGIS screening management software they provide.

Did Your BIB Background Check Have Errors That Cost You A Job?

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) Background Investigation Bureau (BIB) must make sure that the information they provide is accurate and up-to-date.

When errors are reported on BIB background checks it can cost you a job and ruin your reputation.

Background Check Errors Can Cause Job Loss

Dispute BIB Background Check Errors

Mistakes on BIB background reports for employment screening can be especially damaging. Even if you do not have a criminal history, a mix up with another person’s file can result in you being unemployed. You could even lose a job you already have if the employer is using ongoing monitoring services and they mistakenly report you as committing a new crime. Or perhaps, you have an old record that was expunged and the information is no longer allowed to be reported. All information reported by BIB should be accurate and up-to-date. If not, you have the right to dispute the errors and you may be able to sue in federal court.

Your Rights When Adverse Action Is Taken Due to a BIB Background Check

In the event that an employer takes adverse action against you due to the information provided in your BIB background check there are rules that employers must follow.

The employer is required to give you a copy of the report and the contact information for the company that provided the report. They are also required to provide you with a summary of your rights under the FCRA.

Your rights under the FCRA also give you the right to dispute errors on your BIB background check.

How to Dispute Inaccurate Information on Your BIB Background Check

BIB offers 4 ways to dispute inaccurate background reports:
By phone: 877-439-3900
By fax: 877-439-3901
Dispute by mail: Background Investigation Bureau
Attn: Dispute Resolution
9710 Northcross Center Court
Suite 100
Huntersville, NC 28078

How Long Does a BIB Background Check Dispute Take?

Once you file a dispute with a background check company like BIB, they have 30 days to investigate and remove any incorrect information.

Can I Sue Background Investigation Bureau (BIB) for Errors on My Background Check?

You may have a case and may be able to sue in federal court if any of the following happened:

  • You lost a job due to errors on your background check
  • Your job start date was delayed because of errors on your background check
  • You missed out on a promotion because of errors on your background check

Background Investigation Bureau (BIB) Background Check Complaints and Lawsuits

Perry Selvage v. Background Investigation Bureau – Mr. Selvage was denied a job as a teacher because of an inaccurate felony conviction reporting on his Background Investigation Bureau background check report. The inaccurate felony conviction that was reported belongs to Mr. Selvage’s father who has the same name as Mr. Selvage.

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