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AmerUSA is a service for companies looking to screen both tenants and potential/current employees.  This service helps both tenants and employers who want to minimize any risk.  The risk is accepting and hiring those that have perhaps a criminal history or failure to make payments.

Fair Credit Laws

People often thing that the credit laws, specifically the Fair Credit Reporting act- is strictly protecting consumers from errors and mistakes on credit reports, but they do not know that it also protects consumers from false employment and tenant screenings.

All types of industries use employment screenings to determine promotions and raises- everything from the banking realm to trucking to even the food service industry. These reports include information about employment history, criminal background and much more.

Employment and Tenant Screening Have Errors

Just like credit reports, both tenant and employment screening have errors and inconsistencies as well. You have rights as a consumer if an error causes a negative action.

If you are denied a job, promotion or residences, employers and landlords are required by law to inform you of the negative item. If you find that this is a mistake, you have the right to dispute any wrong information.

If you are unable to get such items removed, you may be entitled to damages. Our team of lawyers can assess your situation and determine if you are due any violation money from the offending credit reporting agencies. Call us today- 877-735-8600


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