United Recovery Systems

United Recovery Systems is a debt collection agency hired by various companies to collect debt from customers just like you. Sometimes called United Recovery Services or just United Recovery, this company works with both the consumer, you, and the creditors to work out payments for debt owed and to figure out a plan to best fit the consumer.

Is United Recovery a Scam?

This is a very large company that has been in business for years. United Recovery Systems, LP works with trusted creditors and has relationships with numerous businesses in the safety and credibility field, like Better Business Bureau and McAfee.

Unfortunately, there are many debt collection agencies out there that do not have your best interest at heart. These companies and their employees will do whatever it takes to get as much money out of the consumer as possible. In some cases, they will call and harass, or try to intimidate you in to paying.

Is United Recovery Systems Harassing You?

If you are contacted by United Recovery and their debt collection agents, you should understand your rights.
United Recovery Systems cannot use harassing language and actions when reaching out to you. This includes calling early in the morning or late at night, calling repeatedly in the attempt to annoy you, or to use obscene language or threats.

Using these practices to collect money is very illegal and you can sue United Recovery Systems or any other debt collection agency.

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Call Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C. if you experience any harassing actions by United Recovery Systems or any other debt collection agency. Our dedicated team of consumer protection lawyers are here to help you decipher what is legal when dealing with debt collection companies. We can also help determine if you are owed any money due to their illegal actions. Call now at 1-877-735-8600 or fill out our form for a free case review. We are here to help you!

United Recovery Systems Contact Information

Address: 6506 South Lewis #260
City: Tulsa
State: Oklahoma
Zip code: 74136

Address: 4351 Winston Ave
City: Covington
State: Kentucky
Zip code: 41015

Address: 5800 North Course Drive
City: Houston
State: Texas
Zip code: 77072

Address: 4001 E. 29th ST. Suite 130
City: Bryan
State: Texas
Zip code: 77802

email: collections@unitedrecoverysystems.com

phone: 1-800-568-0399

Web: www.unitedrecoverysystems.com

Cases Against United Recovery Systems

Perperas v. United Recovery Sys., Inc.
1997 WL 136326(N.D. Ill. Mar. 19, 1997). Debt collector did not violate the FDCPA by discussing the debt with the consumer’s wife.

Grismore v. United Recovery Sys., L.P.
2006 WL 2246359 (D. Ariz. Aug. 3, 2006). The court found that the debt collector was calling the consumer in an attempt to collect the debt rather than to harass the consumer. Debt collector complied with the FDCPA by stopping all phone calls after they received the consumer’s cease and desist letter. The court decided that the debt collector only pulled the consumer’s credit report for the purpose of collecting the debt, and they never misrepresented themselves when communicating with the consumer.

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