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Consumers dealing with debtors and the attorneys that they hire have contributing to an huge increase of lawsuits against debt collection agencies over the last few years. A big part of this is questionable tactics that the collection agencies are taking. There are more and more debtors due to the struggles consumers are dealing with during the down-turning economy. And the collectors are continuing to push the envelope to extract debt owed.

Current Debt Concerns

Data hacking in the Olympics is the most recent credit and identity theft concern amongst Americans who are traveling to take part in or watch the Olympics in Sochi in person.  The minute some travelers are getting off the planes, their digital devices are being hacked by highly sophisticated computer programmers and hackers.  Data hacking can result in major identity theft. These thieves could rack up bills in your name. This is very common and you may not even know this has happened until debt collectors start calling you.

If you suspect any theft or have been notified by debt collectors of debts that are not yours, you need to dispute these claims immediately.

Contact an Attorney

Get a team of lawyers on your side to fight back against these debt collection agencies.  Whether you are being called about debt that you did not make or if the money owed is yours and the debt collectors are using abusive measures, you can fight back.  Call our team of experienced and dedicated lawyers today to talk about your situation- 877-735-8600.


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