SRA Associates, Inc. Debt Collection Company

Who is SRA Associates, Inc. ?

Founded in 1995, SRA Associates, Inc. is a debt collection company, also called a receivables management company. According to their official website (, SRA Associates collects debts for the following areas:

Is SRA Associates, Inc. Calling or Harassing You?

If you are being harassed by a debt collection agency like SRA Associates, there are protections in place for you. The FDCPA protects consumers from harassing, abusive, and intimidating debt collection practices. If you are receiving harassing phone calls from SRA Associates that violate your rights under the FDCPA, you may be entitled to damages.

Under the FDCPA, debt collections cannot:

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How can I contact SRA Associates?

Address 401 Minnetonka Road
City Hi-Nella
State  New Jersey
Zip Code 08083
Phone 1 856-925-1000
Phone 2 800-735-0552
Fax 856-755-1244

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