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ROI Companies was acquired by Bolder Healthcare Solutions in 2015. Both companies provide healthcare revenue cycle management services, including insurance billing and follow-up, self-pay billing, and collections. Sometimes, however, this information is reported incorrectly. Like other collection companies, Bolder Healthcare Solutions may use unfair and abusive tactics to get debt payments. You are protected from unethical debt collection practices, and you have the right to sue if your rights have been violated. Debt collectors cannot call you at inappropriate hours, nor can they use profane language and threaten arrest or legal action against you.

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If you find that ROI’s or Bolder Healthcare Solution’s actions are violating your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, you have the right to sue. Fill out your free case review form and call 1-877-735-8600 to get into contact with one of our attorneys.

Contact Information for ROI Companies and Bolder Healthcare Solutions

Address 1 9200 Shelbyville Rd, Ste. 421
City Louisville
State Kentucky
Zip Code 40222
Phone 502-371-1700 ext. 2503

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