Reliant Recovery Services, Inc.

Are debt collectors from Reliant Recovery Services, Inc. harassing you?

Reliant Recovery Services, Inc., like many debt collectors, can become aggressive and threatening when trying to contact consumers and collect payments. While there is a protocol in place for debt collection, a collector’s actions can become harassment, especially if you refuse to pay false debts you don’t owe. he Fair Debt Collection Practices Act protects consumers like you from unethical and abusive debt collection practices. Collectors cannot call at inappropriate hours of the day or night, nor can they use profane language or threaten arrest or legal action.

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You have rights protecting you from a debt collector’s threats. Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, debt collectors are limited in what they can say and do while communicating with consumers. If Reliant Recovery Services has harassed you and abused your rights, fill out our free case review form and get into contact with our attorneys today to help you.

Contact Information for Reliant Recovery Services

Address 2210 E. Route 66, Ste 101
City Glendora
State California
Zip Code 91740
Phone 626-303-1903
Fax 626-359-4075

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