Phillips & Cohen Associates, Ltd.

Is Phillips & Cohen Associates a Scam?

Phillips and Cohen Associates is an international collections agency. They have offices in the the US, UK and Canada. Like all collection companies, Phillips and Cohen Associates, have the goal of collecting on an outstanding debt.

The way in which these companies collect can sometimes be a problem. Many times they may have false information and they may turn to practices that are stressful and damaging to the people they are trying to collect from.

Phillips & Cohen Associates Collections Harassment

Once the calls start coming they may not stop, letters may start, and phone calls to your employer, all causing you stress and anxiety.

If debt collection harassment is happening to you by the collection agency of Phillips & Cohen Associates, Fill out our free consultation form now!

Debt collection agencies must follow the laws put in place by the Fair Debt Collection Act. This prevents calls before, 8am and after 9pm, and Phillips and Cohen Associates are not allowed to contact your employer or relatives. Make sure you know your rights and fight back against this harassment.

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Cases Against Phillips & Cohen Associates, Ltd.

Rumpler v. Phillips & Cohen Assocs., Ltd.
219 F. Supp. 2d 251 (E.D.N.Y. 2002). Debt collector was suspected of misleading consumers into believing that they were legitimate attorneys. In this particular case, there was not enough evidence to support that claim. Debt collector also made questionable comments in collecting the debt after they received a dispute letter requesting valiation and before they provided the consumer with proof. The comments were too vague to be considered actual threats.

Zaborac v. Phillips & Cohen Assocs.
330 F. Supp. 2d 962 (N.D. Ill. 2004). Debt collector was accused of presenting themselves as a law firm by using the word “associates.” This term was not enough to be considered deception. Debt collector is required to provide consumers with the full amount that they owe rather the just the remaining principle balance.

Johnson v. Phillips & Cohen Assocs., Ltd.
2006 WL2355340 (N.D. Cal. Aug. 15, 2006). Debt collector failed to provide consumer with a notice regarding debt, but the court dismissed this claim as not enough to be considered deceptive.

Phillips & Cohen Associates Contact Information

Address 695 Rancocas Road
City Westampton
State  New Jersey
Zip Code 08060-5626
Phone 609-518-9000
Fax 609-518-9442

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