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What is Penn Credit Corporation?

Penn Credit Corporation is a third party, nationwide, debt collection company that is located in Harrisburg, PA.

Penn Credit Corporation Contact Information

Penn Credit General Mailing Address & Phone
Address: 2800 Commerce Drive
Harrisburg, PA 17110
Phone:(800) 800-3328

Is Penn Credit Corporation a Hoax?

Penn Credit Corporation is a legitimate debt collection company. They have been in business since 1987. The collection tactics used by agencies like Penn Credit Corporation can make it feel like they are a scam.

Penn Credit Corporation does collections on contingency. This means they work for free until they collect. Then they receive a percentage of the payment made. This can motivate some collection agencies to be very aggressive and resort to illegal harassing tactics in order to collect so that they get paid.

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Who Does Penn Credit Corp Collect For?

Penn Credit Corporation collects for the following markets:

  • State, County, and Municipal Governments – parking tickets, traffic citations, taxes, court fees, water, sewer, waste management
  • Healthcare – hospital bills, nursing facilities, and emergency services
  • Education – student loan debt
  • Utilities – water bills, electric bills, gas bills
  • Telecom – phone bills and internet
  • Small Collections – debts as low at $15

Penn Credit Corporation Phone Calls

Penn Credit Corporation has been known to call from the following phone numbers:

  • 800-900-1381
  • 800-900-1367
  • 800-900-1300
  • 800-800-3328

  • 800-798-2724
  • 800-720-7281
  • 800-900-1380
  • 800-900-1388

  • 800-900-1361
  • 800-720-7290
  • 800-900-1392
  • 800-900-1380

Is Penn Credit Corporation Using an Auto-Dialer or a Robocaller to Call You?

You have rights under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).
Penn Credit Corporation phone calls must comply with these rules. Debt collectors cannot contact you on your mobile phone using an auto dialer. A company must also have written consent to contact you using an auto-dialer. If Penn Credit Corporation violates your rights under the TCPA you may be entitled up to $1500 per violation.

Always keep a record of every communication between you and a debt collector.

Is Penn Credit Corporation Harassing You?

If you have been contacted by Penn Credit Corp it is important to know your rights. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) contains rules for debt collectors. If Penn Credit Corporations violates your rights you may have a case to sue them.

You may have a case against Penn Credit if the following is happening to you:

  • You are receiving phone calls before 8am and after 9pm
  • They failed to tell you they are debt collectors
  • Call you at work after you have told them not to
  • Your family, friends, coworkers, or employer have been contacted about the debt
  • They have tried to collect more that what you owe
  • You have been threatened with violence
  • Criminal accusations have been made towards you
  • You have been threatened with arrest or a lawsuit
  • They try to intimidate you
  • The collector uses obscene language
  • You are being called by robocalls or auto-dialers

Penn Credit Corporation Complaints

Penn Credit Corporation has had numerous complaints filed against them alleging violations of the FDCPA. Some of the allegations include threats of actions against debtors that cannot legally be taken. Sharing information about debts with people they are not supposed to.

You can read more consumer complaints and reviews at Penn Credit Corporation BBB complaints.

Complaints and Lawsuits filed by Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C. against Penn Credit

Howard Begley v. Penn Credit – E.D.PA. Consumer received multiple calls from Penn Credit concerning a debt that he did not owe. Plaintiff wrote a letter to Penn Credit requesting Penn Credit cease and desist contacting him. Despite the cease and desist letter, Penn Credit continued to contact Plaintiff.
The case settled.

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