Nationwide Credit, Inc.

Is Nationwide Credit, Inc Harassing You about False Debt?

When agencies like Nationwide Credit have false information about a debt they are trying to collect, it may feel like a scam, but is usually it is a mix up with a social security number or an old debt that may have been closed out.

Sometimes, the debt collectors may not believe you or want to work with you in order to fix these issues, and may resort to threatening you, or trying to intimidate you. These tactics plus many others are not allowed by any debt collectors, including Nationwide Credit.

You do have the right to dispute any debt, and the collection agency, must prove that the debt is in fact yours. Make sure you document any phone calls and any other communications you have with Nationwide Credit.

If Nationwide Credit Inc is calling you at odd hours to collect on a debt that you do not owe, or you do not recognize the debt, the law firm of Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C. is on your side. If they are breaking the laws set by the FDCPA you may be entitled to compensation.

Credit report errors and false debt are sometimes the result of identity theft or mixing your social security number where criminals will use your personal information to make purchases and then leave you with the bill.

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Cases against Nationwide Credit, Inc.

West v. Nationwide Credit, Inc.
998 F. Supp. 642 (W.D.N.C.1998). FDCPA states that it is a violation of the law for debt collectors to disclose any information regarding the debt to someone other than the consumer or the consumer’s spouse. Debt collector disclosed the debt to a third party by contacting the consumer’s neighbor and leaving a detailed message regarding the debt.

Nationwide Credit, Inc. Contact Information

Address 1  2002 Summit Blvd Ste 600
City Atlanta
State Georgia
Zip Code 30319
Address 2 P.O. BOX 26314
State Pennsylvania
Zip Code 18002-6314
Phone 1 800-456-4729
Phone 2 678-486-1027
Fax 770-612-7335

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