Mercantile Adjustment Bureau

Mercantile Adjustment Bureau Harassment

Mercantile Adjustment Bureau is a collections agency. They are hired by creditors in order to collect debts from consumers. If you have been contacted by Mercantile Adjustment Bureau about a debt, make sure you keep records of all calls and documentation that goes between you and them. There are laws that all collection agencies must follow under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or the FDCPA.

Many collection agencies violate these laws and many consumers just put up with it. It is important to know the law under the FDCPA. It was put in place to help protect consumers like you from harassment, intimidation, and misleading collections practices. You do not have to sit back and put up with abusive and threatening phone calls, calls to your employers, calls to friends and family, or calls before 8am or after 9pm.

If Mercantile Adjustment Bureau has violated any of your rights, you have the right under the FDCPA to sue them for damages.

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Cases Against Mercantile Adjustment Bureau

Washington v. Mercantile Adjustment Bureau
1994 WL 263452 (W.D.N.Y. May 25, 1994). Whether collector’s statements of a balance being due and payable immediately overshadowed the validation statement included in a separate part of the letter or constituted a deceptive statement was a question for the jury and the consumer’s motion for judgment was denied.

Mercantile Adjustment Bureau Contact Information

Address 165 Lawrence Bell Dr
City Williamsville
State  New York
Zip Code 14221
Phone  716-929-8200

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