Marauder Corporation

Marauder Corporation is a debt collection agency. They are most well know for trying to collect false debt and for collections harassment.

Is Marauder Corporation Harassing You?

Have you been harassed, threatened, and abused by Marauder Corporation about the false debts? Do they call your relatives, friends and even at work? Are you confused and do not understand what is going on?

First of all, save all collector’s names, letters, and phone numbers to have enough evidence to sue Marauder Corporation in the future. You have rights under the FDCPA that protect consumers from harassment and abuse from debt collectors.

Hire Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C.

The consumer law firm of Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C. will take legal action for you. Marauder Corporation is not allowed to harass you and they are not allowed to continually try and collect a false debt. Debt collection companies that break the law can be sued for damages. Fill out or form or call today for a free case review 1-877-735-8600.

Marauder Corporation Contact Information

Address 74923 US Highway 11
City Indian Wells
State  California
Zip Code 92210
Phone 1 760-423-1111
Phone 2 760-343-5203
Phone 3   866-223-2439
Fax 760-343-5155
Head Debt Collector (Names he is known to use):
Ryon Alan Gambill
Investigator John Forsythe
Raymond Wrightsman

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