LVNV Funding Collection Agency

What is LVNV Funding LLC?

LVNV Funding is a debt collection agency that purchases debt from creditors all over the country and then attempts to collect that debt. Though LVNV Funding owns the debt, they may work with a third party debt collection agency like Resurgent Capital Services to collect the debt.

Why is LVNV Funding on my credit report?

LVNV Funding is one of the largest debt collection companies in the world.
Currently, they are working with Resurgent Capital Services for their debt collection. Your credit report will say LVNV Funding because they are the owners of the debt, but you may have been talking to a collection agent from Resurgent Capital Services.

LVNV Funding Credit Report Errors

If there is an LVNV Funding collection account on your credit report that should not be there, you have the right to dispute that error with the credit reporting agency. They will have 30 days to correct your credit report. If the error is not fixed and you do not owe the debt, you may be able to sue. Read similar complaints about LVNV Funding that we fought in federal court below. Fill out the free case review form on this page to see if you have a case against LVNV Funding, LLC or Resurgent Capital Services.

Stop Debt Collection Harassment from LVNV Funding LLC

Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), debt collection companies such as LVNV Funding LLC cannot do the following while trying to collect a debt:

If you feel like you are being harassed, scammed, or threatened by LVNV Funding LLC or any other debt collection company, it is time for you to get legal help now. The legal team at Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C. can help you end this harassment and abuse from LVNV Funding, as well as resolve discrepancies if you do not owe money.

LVNV Funding Complaints

Lawsuits Against LVNV Funding LLC

Wessner v. LVNV and Resurgent – Prior debt collector obtained a judgment against debtor. Debtor made payment arrangements with debt collector to pay a set amount per month to resolve the debt. Debtor made payments for over a decade on outstanding judgment. When LVNV and Resurgent acquired the debt, they claimed that the debtor now owed more than the amount of the judgment despite her decades of regular monthly payments. The case settled.

Braucher v. LVNV – Plaintiff was applying for a car and the dealership pulled her credit. On at least 2 of her credit reports there was an LVNV collection account that did not belong to her. The account belonged to another person with her name but a different address. Plaintiff disputed the LVNV account through the 2 credit reporting agencies. LVNV received the disputes but failed to conduct a reasonable investigation and wrongfully verified that the account belonged to Plaintiff. LVNV continued to inaccurately report the account for over a year. As a result, Plaintiff could not by a car as well as having a collection account reporting about her for over a year. The case settled.

Kristina Yarbro v. LVNV – Plaintiff brought claims against LVNV under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act for reporting inaccurate information to the credit reporting agencies, failing to reasonably investigate Plaintiff’s disputes and trying to collect on a debt that did not belong to Plaintiff. The case settled

Jodi Gruka v. LVNV – E.D.PA – Plaintiff had a debt that was over 15 years old. LVNV sued her on the time barred debt but was forced to dismiss the lawsuit. LVNV then reported the out dated debt to the credit reporting agencies. Plaintiff brought claims against LVNV for violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. The case settled.

If you have had similar issues with LVNV Funding, you may have a case.

How to File an LVNV Funding Lawsuit

The consumer protection law firm of Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C. is here to fight for you. To find out if you have a case, simply, fill out the form on this page or call us right now at 1-877-735-8600. Get free legal help. There is never any out-of-pocket cost to you. We only get paid when we win your case.

Contact Information for LVNV Funding LLC – Mailing Address, Phone Number, Website

Address 200 Meeting Street, Ste #206
City Charleston
State South Carolina
Zip Code 29401-3187
Address 15 South Main Street, #600
City Greenville
State South Carolina
Zip Code 29601
Phone 1 888-665-0374
Phone 2 864-678-8421
Phone 3 877-264-5884
Fax 1 888-546-7697
Fax 2 864-370-4998
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